Taproot is founded on two simple ideas:

1) Education should be Rooted in Community

Education is life driven, not classroom bound. It belongs in the field, the streets, the neighborhoods and homes of people living life. Life-changing epiphanies, transformative moments, and inspiring and revolutionary ideas - these are the fruits of education that ignite leaders and change the world for the better. They are with the people; embedded in the community and hidden in plain sight. It's powerful. It's difficult to do well. And it can change the world. 

2) Good Education

We believe education is experiential and rooted in a community. Our programs highest achievement is when students choose to see the world from the perspective of the community. Empathy and compassion are key. So by committing to dialogue, appreciating the power of story, practicing empathy and embracing diversity, we can be a part of creating a better world and a better story for us all. 

Our Mission

To inspire young adults to stand boldly as curious and compassionate people so that they might commit themselves to a life of understanding, reconciliation, and hope.

OUr methodS

Inspired by the incarnation of Jesus, we use home stay living and local internships to launch students into a deep study of life in another's shoes, both in Philadelphia and abroad, serving to cultivate global mindfulness through immersion, story sharing, dialogue, reflection and action.

Our Dream

That young adults would be awakened to God’s story at work around the globe, and that they would be equipped to act on their convictions tangibly, responsibly, and sustainably to create a more just and loving world for all.