Deke Bowman

Deke is a creative mind and a tinkerer at heart, but a ‘development person’ by practice and training.  He completed his graduate studies in International Development at Eastern University in 2011 and has thrived while living and working in Latin America, West and East Africa and Haiti. He has a mix of skills and experience in design, development, and business, along with a persistent inquisitive nature: Deke loves solving problems. On any given day, you will find Deke crunching numbers, working with local staff and partners, prototyping and developing new systems, and even searching for unique scenes to photograph. As Operations Director for Haiti Communitere, Deke's creativity, logic, and eagerness to learn drove him to constantly try new things, meet new people, and experience a challenge. The only time Deke’s logic is seriously questioned is when he embarks on a regular 3-5 mile run in the Haitian heat. In 2015, Deke joined the Taproot team to help develop the curriculum and serve as a primary instructor. .  Bringing his experience living and working overseas to the program, Deke helps students bridge the gap between faith, theory, and practice. Today Deke not only teaches but works on marketing, recruitment, and overall program development with Kristen