Taproot Gap Semester


January - May 2018 (18-weeks)

It is time to step away, to step out on your own, you have decided to discover what the world has to offer. Everyone around you is going to college, seems to have their lives in order, but do they? You know that isn't for you, but everything is pulling you that way. Come take a semester and disover parts of yourself that you never knew existed. Live differently, experience God and faith from a different worldview. Eat, play and love people that seem so very different, but share more in common than you ever could have known. 

Live life differently! Start your adventure in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Listen, taste, and explore an experience that will walk with you on this journey to discover who you want to be in this world. 

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Program Elements

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How to launch your Gap Year?

  1. Decide that college can wait and experience will take me farther.
  2. Apply
  3. Interview
  4. Get accepted
  5. Discover your unknown