The home stay model

Living in a home stay can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences to have when traveling to a new place. The humility and intentionality required to live with and depend on others challenges students to step out of their comfort zones and helps them adapt quickly and effectively to new cultures and new contexts. This kind of humble intentionality also becomes a tangible reminder of how God showed his love for us -- He became flesh and dwelt with us (John 1:14). Whether you're in a South Philly row home or a flat in West Java, you will be living with strangers that, in time, will come to feel like family. 

We work diligently to find local families passionate about providing a safe and welcoming home for our students. We have individuals, couples and whole families that open their doors and are excited to share their lives and their culture with you. We also have a thorough two-way vetting process in place that helps ensure our homes are safe and healthy environments for both families and students.

Meet our families