Lindy Backues - Founder, taproot Gap Year

The founder of Taproot, Lindy Backues, is Associate Professor of Economic Development at Eastern University, where he teaches at the undergraduate and the graduate levels. His primary interests are centered on the connection between theology and community development, especially as these two concerns interface in the midst of practical, implemented, participatory involvement.

In 2007, Lindy moved back to the States after nearly two decades of direct involvement in development work in Indonesia.  While in Indonesia, he founded and directed a multi-disciplinary, multi-faith community empowerment, non-government organization, while also serving as program supervisor for tsunami response in north Sumatra between 2005–2007 for for Millennium Relief & Development Services. He also served as Country Director for them over the course of the last 10 years of his time in Indonesia.

After moving to South Philadelphia in 2008 and getting more deeply involved in the neighborhood, Lindy coordinated efforts with several former students and other friends."  Out of that collaboration, Taproot was born.