Answering: Who you want to be? 

Our programs are rooted in our relationships here in South Philadelphia and Indonesia. Our South Philly neighborhood is home to a vibrant Indonesian diaspora community. It is here where Taproot was born out of an Indonesian Mennonite Church. 

At Taproot we have built these programs out of a response to what we have seen in students seeking a different way of living and exploring the world. 

Our students live with homestay families, learn language, go to class, serve in internships, explore and adventure in new places, and learn tools that help develop student faith and identity.

We are focused on guiding students on their journey to understand who they want to be in this world, so what they do is fully professionally and as active members of their community is rooted in love and their call.  



    Gap Year is one part Philadelphia and one part Yogakarta, Indonesia. Start exploring who you want to be in this world, gain experience supporting local community agencies and organizaitons. Explore faith and leadership. Start the next season of your life with intention, honoring your call.


    • Age 17-22

    • 12 Weeks in Philadelphia

    • 18 Weeks in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    • 6 Week Winter Break

    • Fall & Spring Retreats

    • Excrusions while abroad

    • Internships

    • Language & Cultural Immersion

    • Explore Interfaith work

    • Projects that provide tools for personal, spiritual, and professional development

      Gap Semester is a single semester spent in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Explore who you want to be while building cross-cultural skills, learning about interfaith development, gaining work experience through service, and developing the maturity and disciplines to be successful in college/univeristy. 


      • Age 17-22
      • 18 Weeks (January - May 2019)
      • Language & Cultural Immersion
      • Explore Interfaith work
      • Excursions to while in Indonesia
      • Tools for exploring faith & identity
      • Internships




         8 core Elements to every program

        Program Elements.png

        Student Benefits

        • Grow your faith
        • Gain work experience while serving in your internships
        • Complete a life design plan that gives tools to explore vocation and career. 
        • Build confidence in your ability to live independently by navigating the demands or life abroad. 
        • Learn how to learn language and build basic fluency in Indonesian. 
        • See UNESCO world herritage sites
        • Explore natural wonders many of which are only found in Indonesia