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Start with a better question to find purpose and direction.


Take a year to see the world from new perspectives

Gain clarity and confidence about your purpose and vision for life

own your faith and choose to live a more inspiring story. 

We guide students entering or attending college on a global journey to see the world, gain practical experience, and create a solid foundation for life after high school.   

The journey starts in South Philadelphia where students live with immigrant and refugee hosts. Students learn the complex systems and dynamics of urban life, study language in preparation for their international semester, explore cultural, explore faith, and intern 24 hours a week with community organizations and institutions. In the spring, students travel to Indonesia, where they experience firsthand Indonesian culture, food, language, and beauty through homestays, internships, and a guided curriculum from our Indonesian staff. During their time in Indonesia interfaith discussions will be part of the focus while being discipled through their faith as it travels around the world by the local Mennonite community.