A team dedicated to curating an experience that guides students in living a meaningful and compassionate life.


Philadelphia Team

Our work is to ensure that every student is given a seamless gap semester or year program. They coordinate program activities in Philadelphia, recruit students and manage the overall administration of Taproot.



Kristen comes to Taproot with a diverse background of skills and experiences, including time spent in Vietnam teaching English, working in the music industry and serving as key leadership of community based nonprofits.
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Joined Taproot in 2015 after working previously in Haiti for both community organizations as well as social enterprises.
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Indonesia Team

This team of experts brings their own passion, curiosities and expertise to curate a distinct experience for students traveling to Indonesia. 


Indonesia Director

She has been working in the field of inter-religious dialogue and peace-building for over 15 years.  
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Program Assistant

She spends her days working for local women's interfaith group and runs her micro business...

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Taproot as a ministry of Philadelphia Praise Center (PPC) leadership is made up of Lindy Backues, founder of Taproot and Elder at PPC and Aldo Siahaan the minister of PPC.


Founder, Taproot Gap Year

Lindy Backues, is Associate Professor of Economic Development at Eastern University. Lindy spent 20 years living and working in Indonesia is fluent to a level that confuses Indonesians who see him in person  after talking on the phone. Lindy is also a serious St. Louis Cardinals fan.
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Minister, Philadelphia Praise Center

Aldo Siahaan, based in Philadelphia, helped start Philadelphia Praise Center in 2005 since then while pastoring PPC Aldo serves his community in numerous ways from negotiating complicated systems and loving people in hard spaces, as well as a public advocate for the immigrant community.
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