Unlike anything you've ever done...

The Taproot Experience is truly one of a kind. While most 18 year-olds are gearing up for yet another semester planted at a desk in front of a whiteboard, you will be exploring one of the great American cities, meeting people from all over the world, eating all kinds of new foods, and working in some of the most creative and innovative internships that the urban setting can provide. 

You will:


Spend a year in the city of Philadelphia, one of the most bustling metropolises on the east coast.


Live with a local family, who will cook, talk, and laugh with you. Learn about their culture, history, and traditions. Get to know their neighbors, children, city block, favorite restaurants, and beliefs.


Engage in a fun and interesting internship with one of our many partner organizations in the city. 


Whether it's the two buck slice of pizza in South Philly or the weekend concert on Spring Garden Street, the big city offers tons of fun experiences that are yours for the taking. Go to see the Phillies play at Citizens Bank Park or skate at the outdoor ice rink at Penn's Landing. We want you to have fun because we love our city. 


Experience the city, the world, your faith and God's calling in your life by reflecting on your experiences with other gap year students. Field trips, guest speakers, and compelling discussion are our favorite ways to learn. Say goodbye to tests and papers for the year.


Go to one of the many major cities within a bus ride of Philly on the weekends. See Times Square for the first time or hop down to Baltimore for some Chesapeake Bay blue crabs. We will take day trips to the Pocono Mountains or "down the Shore" while the warm weather lasts. We will even go abroad to see our friends in Haiti at the end of our program!


We believe that God is calling you to do something big in your lifetime. College is an exciting time, especially if you know what you're spending your money on. By taking a year with Taproot to discover your calling, develop your faith, experience life in a new and exciting way, and learn how what you study can apply to the real world, you will be ready to answer that call. 


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